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"Howdy, partner";

A few of my 'blog-followers' have requested more personal interest stories and fewer history lessons.

"Well, here goes." This is a 'Br&Ba' story. I mentioned in yesterday's blog about visiting the Stockyards section of Ft. Worth. Life gets a little lonely on the road so I decided to seek some fun & entertainment. I slipped on my jeans, pulled on my boots, and put on my Stetson topper to blend in with the locals and headed to town. There are saloons aplenty there and as I entered one there was this long bar with horse saddles as barstools. I went over to the bar, lifted one leg mounting the saddle and ordered a drink. In those old west movies they always ordered a shot of whiskey, so I did. With one gulp I downed it, then wiped my mouth on my sleeve, as the cowboys do! In a couple of minutes I began to feel the effects of the drink so I had to hold on to the saddle horn to prevent falling off as the room began to spin a little. Whew! I sat there until things settled down abit and began to notice my surroundings. On the balcony overlooking the bar were rooms rented by the hour! They had ladies names on the doors, such as, Mona, Kitty, Candi, etc. I was curious but reluctant to ask as I was still holding on to my saddle horn. The women. Of course they always look better through the bottom of a whiskey glass! As I looked for a 'filly' to get aquainted with I noticed that most of the females, being tourists, were 'old grey mares'. I finally gave up in dispair. Thinking about this later I thought that maybe a 'Plan B' might be to start attending church. These huge Baptist churches here in the south must have lots of women with a few 'Annie Oakleys' among them. I think I just got religion! There may be more to this story in future editions of 'the blog'. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Traveling from Dallas to the Oklahoma state line takes a couple hours, then its another 2 hours to Oklahoma City, my destination. Along the way I noticed subtle changes in the landscape. A transition to more farmland with some timber land became apparent. The land is pretty flat, but the soil changed in color to ferous red, 'blood red'. I thought that this is symbolic of the blood strewn along the "Trail of Tears" as the displaced Indians were herded to poor land reservations in OK many years ago by the US government. The term, 'Indian Giving' came about then - Giving Then Taking Away. This poor land became home to these Native Americans, then portions were taken away when oil was discovered there. What a tragic American story.

In 1889, 50,000 homesteaders gathered at the territorial boundaries. Free land was offered by the US government to promote settlement of this vast region. These people claimed 2 million acres and overnight Oklahoma City grew out of the plains. Some advanced into the territory to stake their claim before the legal beginning. They became known as "Sooners". Today, the Univ. of Oklahoma's sports teams are referred to as the 'Sooners'. From those humble origins the Capitol City metropolitan area has grown to 1.5 million people of the state's total pop. of 3.9 mil. Oil & Natural Gas are king as OK ranks at the top of Gas producing states, followed closely by oil production. A spider web of buried energy pipelines with origins in the oil producing states of OK, TX, ND, PA, WY, WV, CO are connected to the Strategic Oil Reserve sites in 4 US locations where 40% of our nation's oil storage is kept. Oil refineries are located along the US coastlines, east & west, and are a part of this network. More on OK City tomorrow.

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Fox, I loved the saloon, whiskey down the hatch, wipe your jaw on sleeve story.
GREAT writing! Keep up the great work.

by Lehmanade

Thank YOU!!! I needed that laugh!!

Sure do miss you :)


by CheriAnn

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